HOAs & Exterior Paint: How to Keep Your Home Compliant!

Living in an area with a homeowner’s association is all about compliance. There are requirements in regards to the exterior appearance of your property, with guidelines to consider and approval processes to go through. Prior to doing any work, such as exterior painting, you will need a green light from the HOA. Today we’re sharing advice on how to keep the exterior of your home HOA compliant!

Read the Rules

The first step you should take when considering whether to paint the exterior of your home, is to read the rules. Every HOA has a unique set of rules, but there are often similar elements. To find the rules surrounding the maintenance of the exterior of your home, look under Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) There you will find a specific set of rules in regards to what is and is not allowed, who is responsible for what, and any processes you are expected to go through.

Getting Approval

In many cases, approval is required to paint the exterior of your home. This is where the CC&R comes into play. You can first check which tasks you are responsible for and allowed to complete without approval. But if for any reason you are unsure, play it safe and ask the HOA. Seriously, don’t touch those walls until it has been made clear by the HOA that you are good to go! Whether areas of the exterior are damaged and in need of repairs, or you think its time for a new coat of paint.

Paint Requirements

If you do get a green light to paint the exterior of your home, you will also need to look into paint requirements. That is, the type and color of paint you are and are not allowed to use. Most HOAs have a very specific target audience, and therefore a look that they are going for. If they allowed homeowners free reign, it could impact the overall appearance and value of the area. Therefore, there may be existing restrictions as far as paint options.

Painting Schedules

So as not to deal with the unsightly construction equipment and noise year round, some HOAs limit when you can have exterior painting completed. Usually during the spring or summer time. If you receive approval to have the exterior of your home painted, but do so outside of this window, it may result in non-compliance. So be sure to specify if there are limitations as to when you can paint. 

Hiring Contractors

Lastly, you will want to see if your HOA has guidelines for hiring contractors. Some HOAs are less strict on this matter, but others prefer to work with one or two contractors for a more consistent aesthetic. Or simply because they have found them to be the most reliable or best priced. If your HOA does not limit the contractors you can go through, then you will personally want to ensure that they are insured and can meet your compliance requirements.

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