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Should You Upgrade Your Interior Paint?

Should You Upgrade Your Interior Paint?   When it comes to interior paint you have a lot of options. But not every paint is equal, and not every room should have the same paint. You need paint that aligns with how that room will be used and offers relevant protection. Today we’ll discuss when and why you should upgrade your interior house paint. Plus, we will compare three types of interior paint by Sherwin Williams, and how to choose the right one for your home.   Upgrading Your Interior House Paint   How often you should repaint the interior of

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Is it Worth Your Time to Hire a Professional Painter?

Is it Worth Your Time to Hire a Professional Painter?   When it comes to painting your home, you want to get the job done right the first time. After all, it’s a huge investment of both time and labor! Which is why you should seriously consider hiring a professional. There are a variety of benefits that come with hiring a professional painter, most of which make it the obvious choice versus DIY. Which is why we’re sharing the top four reasons to hire a professional painter.   1. Quality  Above all else, you want a high quality paint job.

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Best Color Alternatives to White Kitchen Cabinets

A popular choice amongst homeowners is white kitchen cabinets. This color choice lends a bright and airy look to any kitchen, especially those that have smaller square footage. Granted, white cabinets aren’t everyone’s forte! There are some downsides to white kitchen cabinets. Some people feel that they appear too cold and clinical. Plus, white is notorious for showing dirt, fingerprints, as well as wear and tear. If you need an alternative for white cabinets, keep reading! We’re sharing some of the trendiest colors for kitchen cabinets, featuring Behr and Sherwin Williams. Colors for Kitchen Cabinets Take look at some of

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painter rolling white paint on blue wall

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper? your Renovation Questions Answered

Wallpaper is less common nowadays but in older homes, it can present a unique set of challenges for homeowners interested in an update. In some instances, it can be painted over, while in others it requires complete removal. But how do you determine when removal is necessary? Keep reading to learn the most common questions revolving around painting over wallpaper. Including how to properly paint over it, and the equipment you will need, for a successful final product. Can You Paint Over Wallpaper? The short answer is yes! In some cases that is. You do not want to paint over

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Things to Consider Before Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings. You love them or you hate them! It’s all personal preference, although homeowners are shifting away from this style. There are countless videos on the internet that show how to easily and quickly remove a popcorn ceiling. But we warn that this task should not be undertaken on a whim. Most people opt to remove a popcorn ceiling mostly due to aesthetics, yet there are other factors to consider. We’re sharing the most important details to consider before removing a popcorn ceiling, as well as discussing popcorn ceiling removal costs. What is a Popcorn Ceiling? Also known as

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