Best Color Alternatives to White Kitchen Cabinets

A popular choice amongst homeowners is white kitchen cabinets. This color choice lends a bright and airy look to any kitchen, especially those that have smaller square footage. Granted, white cabinets aren’t everyone’s forte! There are some downsides to white kitchen cabinets. Some people feel that they appear too cold and clinical. Plus, white is notorious for showing dirt, fingerprints, as well as wear and tear. If you need an alternative for white cabinets, keep reading! We’re sharing some of the trendiest colors for kitchen cabinets, featuring Behr and Sherwin Williams.

Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Take look at some of the hottest colors and schemes for a modern kitchen. These colors will have long-lasting appeal and are less likely to show dirt or wear.

Behr English Channel – We love a cool-toned kitchen! A grey-blue hue is a great alternative to white if you want a crisp and inviting color, minus the sterile look. Complement this color with a true white, greys, or light but dusty blue. Avoid other dark shades, like black, unless you want an overall dark cast.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green – Earthy hues are a classic choice for a neutral, cozy kitchen. This natural shade is not so dark to make your kitchen appear small, yet will lend some depth to your color palette. Pair it with black or gold metallic hardware for a modern look.

Behr Sage Green – Bright and welcoming, this beautiful shade is earthy yet soft. It looks best with crisp whites as well as matte blacks, via stone or hardware. It can also be paired with yellow woods, but note that this combo will lend an overall yellow cast to your kitchen space.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray – This shade is a perfect contrast color to a cooler wall color. It can appear rich in some spaces and neutral in others but always looks gorgeous when complemented by warm details, like woods. It’s a great color if you want to feature white in another area, such as a backsplash or floor tiles.

Behr Peacock Tail – If you want a kitchen that wows, consider a rich teal blue. It will lend a surprising pop of color to the room, perfect for those who prefer a quirky yet modern look. Teal is surprisingly versatile, so complement it with crisp white, true black, a viridian green, or brick red. 

Sherwin Williams Honey Bees – Desire a sunny kitchen design? Don’t be intimidated by yellow! This modern shade will lend a modern yet youthful glow to your kitchen, without making you squint. You can tone this color down with cool-toned wood accents, or create a retro vibe with various shades of blue.

Behr Black Black – A matte black, this color is a good choice for those who want a bold look. Note however that a black will darken a space and make it appear smaller, so avoid it if your kitchen has limited square footage. Alternatively, pair it with enough bright colors to provide balance. 

Cleaning & Priming Kitchen Cabinets

If you have plans to paint your kitchen cabinets, it’s essential that you start with a clean and primed surface. A clean surface will ensure that the primer and paint adhere well and that you end up with a smooth surface. Regardless of how clean you think your kitchen and cabinets are, take the time to wipe the surface with a grease remover. Afterward, you will need to slightly roughen the surface. Following sanding or recent construction, carefully vacuum out every shelf, nook, and cranny. Lastly, invest in a high-quality primer. This will prevent knots from the wood, or previous paint, from showing through. We promise these steps are worth it if you desire beautiful and seamless kitchen cabinets.

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