Need-to-Know: The Pros & Cons to Painting a Brick Home

A home with an original brick exterior is pure gold in our book! But many homeowners would prefer a more modern look, leading many to consider an update with paint. And while painting a brick exterior is as feasible as any other home exterior, it does present a unique set of pros and cons. Making it important that you consider all facets of your decision, prior to starting the extensive painting process. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know, both good and bad, when it comes to painting a brick home.


A Cleaner Look – Brick walls are beautiful, but they don’t exactly lend the most modern look. For many homeowners, especially younger ones, an exterior that is clean is preferable. Something that is hard to achieve with discolored, chipped brick and mortar. Luckily, it is a pretty easy fix with a solid paint color! There are a wide variety of solid color paints to choose from, that will deliver a fresh and modern look to the exterior of your home.

Protection – As with any other surface brick will degrade over time. Due to a variety of weather and environmental factors, it will fade and wear down. But with the proper prep work and maintenance, brick that is painted will be much more durable. Moisture will be far less likely to penetrate the brick, causing less damage in the long run. Plus it will look better!


There is No Going Back – It is so important to consider that when you paint a brick home, there is no going back. Once it is painted, you’ll have to learn to love it! That or you’ll face the headache of a complete removal (and trust us, you won’t want to).

The Prep Work – Painting brick is no easy feat, it takes extensive prep work! This is something to note, especially if you plan on painting your home’s exterior yourself. More specifically, the entire surface will have to be extensively cleaned to remove all dirt and grime, in order to ensure that the paint adheres properly.

More Maintenance – As with any other painted surface, painted brick requires maintenance. What good is a beautiful new home exterior if you don’t plan on keeping it up? Painted brick in particular is especially susceptible to discoloration, especially if it is white, or a similarly light color. At the least, you will need to take care to have regular power washing performed.

Increased Risk of Moisture Damage – Unfortunately, during the painting process it is unavoidable that some moisture will become trapped between the brick and paint. Brick is after all porous. This means that moisture damage is more likely, especially in colder climates where the moisture can freeze and expand.

The Best Colors for a Brick Exterior

White, Cream or Ivory – Bright colors such as these are a classic choice and will lend to that modern clean look you know and love. It is a color that will look warm and inviting year-round and can be complemented with contrasting dark shades.

Grey – Greys come in a wide range of tones and saturation, making it a very versatile color that will suit a plethora of personalities. This is a great color if you live in a warm-weather climate where the surrounding foliage is always bright. 

brick house painted blue

Dark Green or Sage – A beautiful and underrated color, green is a stunner that is perfect for those who want a down-to-earth-looking home. It will complement a natural surrounding especially well and will lend a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Dark Blue – Although a dark color, a deep blue is a bold choice for a brick home. It is also a less popular alternative to green if you prefer a look that is a little more unique.

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